I received this product from skin18.com for review purposes. This is a wash off mask pack made in Korea, which claims to be suitable for all skin types. The packaging is a small, bright yellow pack with instructions in English on the back.  I like the color, reminds me of sunny days. Anyway, this pack is good for a one-time use only. But the small package makes it highly useful for travel.

Today I had a lot chores to do and was pressed for time. So I decided to use this mask as it requires only 5-10 minutes. This mask contains collagen, Vitamin E, mango extract, which soothes and moisturizes the skin & yogurt extract which softens and refreshes the skin.

When I opened the mask , I  was expecting a mango scent but it did not have any scent at all. Also I was expecting it to be more like some of my clay masks but it had a rich creamy texture. Almost like a thick , heavy , greasy moisturizer used on very dry skin. And that’s how it felt on my skin too when I applied it. But since it was a wash off mask and the instructions states to rinse it off after 5 – 10 minutes, I did not mind.

While on my face, the mask did not dry at all. It just sat there feeling wet and sticky on my face. After 10 minutes , I  washed it off. It was quite easy to remove as it had not dried at all but was still sticky and gooey. And my  skin did feel soft, smooth and moisturized afterwards.

 Final Thoughts 

 I like that it comes in a travel friendly packaging. And I would definitely use it on those days when I barely have any time on my hands. Plus it is a nice mask to use in the colder months when the skin can get very dry. But I doubt if it would suit those who have oily skin. It is also a good mask for those who don’t like masks that dry and leave a tightening feeling on the skin. Overall a nice mask that I would definitely use again. Thank you so much skin18 for supplying me with this mask! 

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