Simple Cleansing Micellar Water


I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Simple Cleansing Water works. It is easy to use and mild and gentle on my skin. I followed the directions and used a cotton pad and my makeup removed with just one swipe of the pad. While there was a slight odor to the water, it was not unpleasant and it did not linger. After cleansing my face my skin felt nicely refreshed. And It did not leave a greasy feel to my skin after use. I am really pleased with this product and I recommend it for makeup removal or times when you want to clean your face without using soap and water.
I received this product for free as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club.

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer


I really like this moisturizer. It is light enough to not overly moisturize your skin but hydrating enough that it leaves my dryer patches smooth. The texture of this moisturizer is very silky and smooth. It brings a nice glow to my skin. This does a nice job of moisturizing without irritating my sensitive skin.I did not experience any breakouts either. It does not clog my pores and it does not make my skin greasy. The price is affordable and the packaging is nice too. It has no perfumes, dyes or harsh irritants that can upset skin.

It contains: PRO – VITAMIN B5 to help restore, soften & smooth skin.GLYCERIN to hydrate and nourish skin.BISABLOL to soothe and calm sensitive skin. ALLANTOIN to soften dry skin.

This moisturizer is perfect for sensitive skin. It definitely fulfills all of my moisturizer needs without any negative side effects or creating any new problems. I highly recommend this and will absolutely repurchase.
I received this for free as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club.   –

Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes


I have sensitive skin and a nose that is sensitive to smells. These make-up wipes are great and I will be throwing them in my travel bag for my next trip.In using these wipes to remove my daily makeup they work quickly and clean everything up without any irritation. Even when I have used heavy eyeliner and mascara, I have been able to get everything off . When using these around my eye area, there is no irritation to my eyes either, which is a definite bonus.

The wipes do not leave a scent behind and they do not make my face feel tight and dried out either. The wipes are quite large, with a faintly textured surface to enable some exfoliation but it is not too marked or harsh. There are no perfumes or dyes either which is wonderful! Another feature I liked was how large the cloth was. I was able to use it on my entire face and neck with some surface area left over. My skin was never irritated, despite going over my face and neck at least twice to remove all the makeup and dirt. Overall I loved these wipes and would definitely repurchase.
I received this for free as part of the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club.