Inoface Modeling Cup Pack Collagen

I received this product from for review purposes! So I kept the best for last! Actually I have never used a modeling mask before and since I was skeptical as to how well it would perform, I saved it for my last post on these skin18 kbeauties.
The packaging is very smart, attractive and colorful. It is a one – time use mask pack. I received the collagen version to use. Unfortunately this product did not have any instructions in English. But it is easy to Google how to use it or better just go to for detailed instructions. (which is what I did).
This product claims provides moisture, strengthens skin and tightens pores. It also claims it is good for all types of skin especially sensitive.
When I opened the pack, which was nicely sealed by the way, I saw what looked like fine, white baby powder to me. It even felt like powder though it had no smell. The pack also comes conveniently with a small spatula to use.

The instructions claims to add water to the powder. But how to add the correct amount of water? Simple! Just use the cap of the pack to add two caps of water to the powder and mix with the spatula. Mix well till all the blobs disappear and it becomes a smooth white paste.
Next I used the spatula to apply this goopy mixture to my face and it kind of stuck to my skin. It was easy to apply. Most face masks that I have used ( which are mostly clay based), sometimes drips and makes the whole process messy. There would be spots of mask all over on my hands , neck, dress and the sink. But this was so easy and mess – free to use and apply. Since this mask just clung to my skin upon application, it did not drip nor was there any mess after application.

Here am I looking like a horrible ghoul!Lol!

The texture of the mask was very toothpaste like if you know what I mean. I can’t exactly describe it but I liked it a lot better than the other wash off masks that I have tried.The instructions state that after application, wait for 15 – 20 minutes and then slowly peel away the mask. For me , I did not even have to wait that long. The mask soon started to thicken and harden. And already parts of it was peeling away all by itself. It was easy to peel and remove the mask. There were some bits and pieces sticking to my face but it was easily removable with water.

Here is a look at my (horror) model mask.
Final Thoughts 

This is the first time I have used a modeling mask and I have to say I am very impressed.  My skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated. My pores feel tight. I also did not experience any irritation or burning sensation while using this product.  The packaging is also a bonus.  It’s small compact size makes it travel friendly and one does not need to carry any additional tools required for this mask as it already comes with a spatula inside and the package is also shaped like a bowl. Plus it’s easy and mess – free application makes it a must-have while traveling. Overall, I like this product very much and will purchase it soon. Thank you so much for supplying me with this mask! I enjoyed it very much. #skin18 #skin18review #skin18challenge is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally worldwide. Skin18 also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for reviewing, liking and sharing  and turn those points into cash at their store!

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