Luke Green Tea Essence Mask 

I received this product from for review purposes. The packaging is very cute and  attractive and comes in an eye catching green color. The pack also contains instructions in English on the back.

This mask contains green tea essence which focuses on healing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and firms skin. Green tea contains antioxidants which fights premature aging by eliminating free radicals and increasing the production of  new skin cells.

This mask smells amazing. It smells like a combination of something floral and a little bit like green tea. The mask itself is thick and firm and is loaded with lots of essence. It was not flimsy like some masks where you have to be extremely careful or the mask will tear. There was a decent bit of essence left in the pack too. I wore this mask for more than 30 minutes actually. After application,  my skin felt smooth , soft and bright.

This is a good decent mask. I especially enjoyed the unique scent it had to offer. My skin also looked great after removing the mask.  It felt soft , smooth and well hydrated. as this mask focuses mostly on anti-aging and healing loose skin. Thank you so much for supplying me with this mask! #skin18#skin18review #skin18challenge is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally worldwide. Skin18 also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for reviewing, liking and sharing  and turn those points into cash at their store!

Skin18 also has separate sections of each on the homepage : freebies, crazy discounts count down, 50% off super deals, one dollar corner, newest products & bulk order.

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