I received this product from for review purposes. This is an eye mask. The packaging looks neat and clean. It is a small package as it contains only 2 pads which are good for one treatment. And again this is good for travel. There are also instructions in English on the back.

When I opened the pack, I noticed a faint orange scent, as I love oranges I did not mind this at all. And anyway the smell disappeared after sometime. As you can see the eye pads are pre-soaked with the treatment of moisture and Vitamin A, C, B5 & B3. These eye patches are loaded with the essential vitamins and moisture to prevent dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. They also help to brighten tired looking eyes.

One side of the eye patches are dry while the other side is sticking to a plastic liner. The other side is cool, damp and sticky to the touch once it is peeled off the plastic. The instructions claims that it is better to apply an eye cream or essence before putting these eye pads on but it is only optional. 

Once I have applied the eye pads to my eyes, they feel very cool , moist and refreshing. Just exactly what I need after along tiring day. These patches are easy to apply and remove. After 30 minutes I removed them to discover bright , moisturized and relaxed looking eyes. Again the instructions claims that you can finish this treatment off with an eye serum or a cream now which is optional.
Final Thoughts 

I loved this whole eye treatment experience. I actually liked this treatment so much that after 30 minutes I did not want to remove the eye patches at all as I was enjoying the cooling sensation a lot on my tired eyes. This is so perfect for travel, one can easily wear this in flight. My eyes looked bright, relaxed and hydrated after using this. Overall a great eye mask and very inexpensive too. Thank you Skin18 for supplying me with this eye mask! #skin18 #skin18review #skin18challenge is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally worldwide. Skin18 also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for reviewing, liking and sharing  and turn those points into cash at their store!
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