Korean Skincare Sheetmasks 

I recently received a package from skin18.com to review some sheetmasks. As I am fairly new to Korean Skincare, I have only started exploring this world since January this year, I was really excited.

This is what I received three face masks and one hydrogel eye patch.


This is three dimensional shaped cotton face mask with rice wine essence. A 3D mask means a mask sheet that is cut and sewed on 3D face shape so that it can fit onto the face contours better. This mask has active ingredients of three different types of ancient rice to moisturize, nourish and firm skin.

The packaging looks very attractive , it is shaped like a bottle and this is the first face mask that I have used that fit my face perfectly. It was a perfect fit. The mask itself is thick and heavy with serum. It felt soft and delicate on my skin. The serum itself is nice and thick and does not feel sticky.After removing, my face felt refreshed and well nourished. My skin looked brighter and smoother.  It had no smell and I did not experience any irritation while the mask was on my face or even afterwards. There were some more serum leftover in the packet which I applied on my hands. Overall  I really like this mask and can see myself using it every week.


This product claims to help reduce eye puffiness and to tighten the skin under your eyes. The eye patch also contains extracts of mugwort and green tea which helps to moisturize the skin.

The packaging is cute and instructions comes in both English and Korean. It is easy to use just peel and stick the patch on the eye area under your eyes.Once I have opened the package and pulled out the pair of eye patches, I was surprised to find them dry. The ones I have used before are wet or damp and feels slimy. However once I removed the patches from the film it was sticking to , I could see that the other side was sticky and wet and had the same slime – like feel. The dry side looked and felt like bandages, which makes sense I suppose as it will be on the outside. They were easy to apply and adhered quite well to my eye contours. Once I have applied, I did not experience any irritation or burning sensation. They were so comfortable I quite forgot that I was wearing them. After 30 minutes I removed them and though I did not notice any significant difference around my eye area , it did feel refreshing and hydrating. I could see myself using them while traveling or when I am simply very tired at night.  Overall a great product and I enjoyed using it very much!


This is a super cute fun animal mask from Korea. The mask claims to have moisturizing and brightening properties.

This mask was a lot of fun to use. It has a bright yellow attractive package with instructions in English too. It seems to mostly focus on anti-aging and hydration. Anyway , as you can see it was a very colorful mask once I opened it. I left it on my face for the required 20 minutes, it was not a great fit, just okay, but once I removed it my skin did feel soft, hydrated and smooth. The mask  and the package itself had lots of leftover serum that I applied on my hands and legs. Infact when I first removed the mask from the package, it was dripping with serum and I think I ripped open the package a little harder so some of the serum leaked all over my hands, dress and on the floor. Even after  I had  applied it on my face , the mask was still dripping serum all over my neck and dress. Overall a great mask with loads of serum packed into it and though I liked it a lot I did not like the smell. It had a medicinal like scent that I was not fond of. But I still enjoyed my experience with this fun , colorful tiger mask.


My least favourite mask in this group. Unfortunately as the name suggests there was nothing natural about this mask. It smelled awful and burned a lot on my skin when applied. The smell was very chemical like and though I could have put up with it. When I applied the mask on my face , my skin started burning and I thought I should give it some time but even after 5 minutes it was still irritating so finally I removed the mask. I was very disappointed with this mask as I love avocado.  Maybe it just did not suit my skin type.  The packaging looks clean and the mask was thick but lightweight and the serum was nice too , not sticky.
Apart from this mask I enjoyed the other 3 items included. Thank you so much skin18.com!

Skin18.com is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally to 60 different countries.Click here to check them out! And I am sure you will love it.

MaskerAide All Eyes On Me!


Today I got to try the new Maskeraidebeauty All eyes on me – Hydrating eye gel patches. My under eye area is super sensitive and I really do not take care of them as much as I should have done( proof – my dark circles and fine lines). So when I got these in my Topbox subscription , I was very excited to try.


MaskerAide ALL EYES ON ME Hydrating Eye Gels is an all-in-one eye treatment that targets under eye circles and fine lines as well as  helps to brighten the delicate eye area for radiant looking skin. These one-of-a-kind hydrogel eye patches are easy to apply and remove. These eye gels are made to
🔹brighten – brightens & help diminish the look of dark circles
🔸 hydrate – gives an instant hydration boost with hyaluronic acid that provides long lasting moisture
🔹firm – reduces the look of fine lines by firming skin texture & improving skin elasticity.
They are  packed with super hydrating, brightening and firming ingredients, including a unique 100 Herb Complex formula – over 100 natural herbs and hyaluronic acid. It also helps to keep skin hydrated the entire day.  These eye gels do not contain parabens, mineral oil, BHT, formaldehyde, phthalates, talc, or any artificial fragrances or pigments. I also love their packaging. It is so colorful and eye-catching.


These eye gels are so soothing and relaxing. It feels instantly cooling  under my eyes. They felt so amazing I did not  want to take them off. You can also use both sides which is great!


After I took them off, my skin was visibly brighter and had a more even texture. After sometime though, the brightness had subsided but my skin still felt nourished and hydrated.
It gave an instant boost in hydration, while keeping my skin moisturized and nourished. Though they are pricey ( it retails for about CAD $25 for a box of 4 individually packaged eye gels) I really enjoyed using them. What do you think?