I received this mask from for review purposes. This is a 3 – step essence mask focused mainly on Anti-aging, skin lightening and firming benefits. This is the first time I am using a 3 step Mask so I was really excited to try it. I never buy any 3 step masks mainly because I have lots of ampoules, Essences and night creams at home that I want to finish. 

Anyway onto the mask now, the packaging looks beautiful and attractive. I have always been attracted to gold colored packages. And on the back we have clear instructions in English too. This mask contains snail secretion which is highly effective in skin lightening and firming by deeply moisturizing the skin. 

The first step consists of applying the Anti-aging active ampoule after cleansing. The instructions state to apply the ampoule focusing on the area around the eyes and lips.  However I had so much of ampoule that I used them on my face and neck and I still had some left over which I applied on my feet. The ampoule had a light gel like consistency and quickly absorbed into my skin. I liked that it felt light and not greasy. It had a slight perfume like scent which faded on application. 

The second step is the snail essence mask. 

The mask itself felt thick and strong but soft on my skin. It was loaded with lots of essence but I did not experience any dripping. I liked the mask , it seemed to hold all the essence together on my face for 30 minutes and I felt comfortable with it the whole time.  After removing the mask,  I gently massaged the remaining essence into my skin.

The third step is the Anti-aging Night cream.Again the instructions state to apply the cream focusing on the area around the eyes and lips. And just like the ampoule, I had so much of the cream that I applied them on my face, neck and feet. The night cream is a thick, rich cream that did not feel heavy or greasy on my skin. Though it does take sometime to get absorbed into the skin. But once it is ansorbed, the cream made my skin hydrated , soft and bright. 

Overall I really loved pampering my skin at night by using this mask after a long day. This mask is perfect for travel as well as for everyday use , especially on those days when you might feel so lazy to go through the whole night time skin routine. I liked that it was so easy and convenient to use ( I used this whole 3 step mask lying down in my bed) and wake up to glowing , beautiful skin in the morning. Thank you so much for supplying this amazing mask! is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally worldwide. Skin18 also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for reviewing, liking and sharing  and turn those points into cash at their store!

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