Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Nature Mask

​I received this face mask from skin18.com for review purposes. The packaging looks neat and clean. Though there are no instructions in English on the back, the idea of using a face mask is pretty basic. You remove the face mask from the cover and apply it on the face anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. I usually let it be on my face for 30 minutes because I like the cooling sensation. 

This face mask is for hydrated skin. I have used Mirum Face Mask before and it was a huge disappointment. However today my skin was feeling very dry and red so I thought honey would be soothing and hydrating. I opened the mask expecting a chemical smell like last time but was surprised to just get a slight whiff of honey. The mask was soft and thick with lots of serum. 

No mask had ever fit me properly so the mask maybe a little off. The serum was thin and had a water like consistency but it was not runny nor did my mask drip a lot. After 30 minutes, I removed the mask and my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated. My angry red skin seems to have calmed down a little anyway. Overall I really liked this mask and I was pleasantly surprised at that as I did not like the last mask I used of Mirum Fresh Fruit Avocado. Thank you so much skin18.com for supplying me with this mask for review. I enjoyed it very much.#skin18 #skin18review #skin18challenge 

Skin18.com is an amazing natural korean skincare website based in Hong Kong and they frequently run great offers , cash back coupons, freebies ,discounts and giveaways! They ship internationally worldwide. Skin18 also has a rewards program, where you can earn points for reviewing, liking and sharing  and turn those points into cash at their store!

Skin18 also has separate sections of each on the homepage : freebies, crazy discounts count down, 50% off super deals, one dollar corner, newest products & bulk order.  Click here for more information about skin18.


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